the noth face ventux

The North Face Ventux

120.00 € 60.00 €

  • North Face Ski Goggles provide superior visibility to help you take each turn and jump with supreme confidence.
  • Venturi Effect: — Air does not enter the goggles through the lower vent (like most goggles) instead air is channelled to the low outside vents creating steam depression that pushes it outside.
  • Double Spherical Lenses — The internal and external filters of the lens are made of acetate that have undergone a special anti-fogging treatment.
  • Pre-formed Anallergical Foam: — The facial support has been made with a special anallergical foam which has been created to ensure maximum comfort. Thermoshaping allows the thickness of the foam to vary to better mould the support to fit your face.
  • Color is glossy black. Strap is black. Lens is Spectra 10 yellow color with an unscratchable internal mirror coating that is impossible to damage. Comes with an excellent travel & storage case.